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Farm Tours and Truffle Hunts – Agrotourism in the Margaret River Region


Local operator Jan Stewart is passionate about the Margaret River Region and sharing the incredible array of producers that make up this dynamic area.

She started her business, Forage Safaris, to share the unique behind the scenes experiences of local farmers and growers with visitors across the globe.

“A lot of people know the Margaret River Region for its exceptional wine but there is also a kaleidoscope of fascinating producers spread across the backroads and country lanes, she said.

“Of course, we also enjoy taking guests to meet boutique viticulturalists with a few wine tastings along the way.”

The tours are popular with people who are primarily city based and who enjoy getting back to basics and learning where their food comes from.

“The Margaret River region is bursting with Agritourism activities, which connects visitors to producers and their products through authentic experiences such as farm tours, farm cafes, farm shops, cooking schools on farms, harvest your own, natural attractions and more, said Jan.

The newest addition to the Forage Safari experience is a visit to a truffle farm where visitors can join the farmer and their dog in an exciting hunt through the farm, culminating in a tasting experience.

“This is a fun, informative and hands on time spent with excited dogs as you walk up the rows of trees waiting for the dog to ‘mark’ the truffle location, she said.

“Learn how to carefully extract the truffle out of the dark, damp soil before returning to the shop for product tastings.

“If this is your first taste, we can almost guarantee it won’t be your last with options to buy your own fresh truffle and other products to create your own masterpieces back home. Two truffle tour options are on offer to choose from.”

While the Truffle tours are only available throughout June, July and August, Jan’s Forage Safaris can help visitors explore the region at any time of year.

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