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A Guide to the Most Pristine Beaches in the Yallingup and Margaret River Region


With over 140 kilometers of coastline and countless beaches, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the region’s seemingly endless options to relax and swim on a quintessential Australian white sand beach. Well, now all you have to do is pack your swimmers, sunscreen and hat, and we will take care of the rest with this Top 5 guide to the best beaches in the region.

1. Smiths Beach

If sweeping white sands and crystal clear turquoise water is your idea of pristine then head to Smiths Beach, just a 5 minute drive from Yallingup.

Even on summer’s busiest days, punters largely have the beach to themselves or at least with a generous gap between them and the next bathers. The general rule with Smiths Beach is head south towards the point for calmer waters and head north towards Torpedo Rock for surfers and strong swimmers.

Our tip: keep your eyes peeled for the pod of dolphins that call Smiths Beach home.

2. Yallingup Lagoon

While Yallingup is world-famous as an epic surfing location, the inner lagoon offers a calm sanctuary alike a swimming pool but with all the benefits of a natural salt-water environment.

Locals are known to meet here in the afternoon where protection from easterly winds provide the ideal spot to catch up while children can play in the shallow water. Keen surfers can also paddle out from the lagoon to ride the surf breaks that Yallingup is famous for.

Our tip: Yallingup’s shower area offers a quick rinse to get you onto your next adventure salt-free.

3. Meelup Beach

A small bay of perfect white sand between striking rocky terrain on the eastern side of Cape Naturaliste, Meelup Beach is located within a national park and a marine reserve providing a true retreat into nature’s best features.

Our tip: take the whole family and stay longer in this slice of paradise by packing lunch and using the picnic tables and barbeques located on the shady and grassy space near the carpark.

4. Injidup Beach

This remote stretch of coastline boasts over a 2-kilometre expanse of stunning sand and glistening water. It is not uncommon to have this beautiful location all to yourself, however there are no services nearby should you need supplies or assistance.

A word of warning that the ocean current at Injidup Beach is strong and thus only recommended for capable swimmers. Those seeking calmer waters can head north from the beach to the nearby rockpools, including the famous Injidup Natural Spa.  

Our tip: bring a fishing rod and try your hand at beach fishing from the sloping shores.

5. Hamelin Bay Beach

Located towards the very south of the Margaret River Region near Augusta, Hamelin Bay is sheltered by limestone cliffs and sand dunes giving it a feeling of untouched beauty.

It’s the legacy of local fisherman that make this bay extra special. Hidden beneath the cool water are sting-rays who appear on calm clear summer days around 9am and late afternoon when they were fed scraps from fishing boats. You can walk in the shallows alongside the rays but please don’t touch these wild animals.

Our tip: snorkelling is the best way to enjoy the abundance of sea life that live in the protected waters of the marine reserve.

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